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Ride a Summer Wind by Ann Cavera

The year is 1977. Thirteen-year-old Buddie McBride gives away an old vase without asking her grandfather’s permission, and the old man is furious. She has no idea of the historical value of the vase or why it is so important to her grandfather. Unraveling the mystery will land Buddie and her friends in a summer filled with adventure, and danger. Ride a Summer Wind is a story of loss, forgiveness, faith and hope.


Lutie McBride and his granddaughter Buddie (and their small town of Whistler, Indiana) come to life in this captivating mystery for kids. Novelist Ann Cavera brilliantly weaves a stolen vase, Abraham Lincoln, secret caves, a teenage crush, mandolins and banjos, and much more together, resulting in a multi-faceted story that kids will love. Cavera doesn't shy away from the grim reality of poverty and loss, and-as honest and broken as some of her characters are-readers are left with a sense of hope as well as a reminder of the value of regarding others with respect and love.

– Jennifer Grant, award-winning author of many books for adults and for children, including Finding Calm in Nature

Ride a Summer Wind reads like a happy tune with the overtones of childhood joys and struggles. Ann Cavera’s new book transports readers into the life of mandolin player Buddie, a.k.a. Apple Dumpling, and her precious relationship with the grandfather who raised her. While the story takes the reader back decades, the themes of friendship and forgiveness, loss and love, are ever relevant and will be music to young hearts.

– Amanda Cleary Eastep, author of the Tree Street Kids series

What a wonderful read! Ann Cavera proves a master at creating compelling characters and storylines in this can't-put-down mystery. Ride the Summer Wind may be aimed at middle-graders readers but will delight anyone who picks it up.

– Caryn Rivadeneira, award-winning author of the Frankinschool series

With a story as captivating as its title, Ride A Summer Wind invites readers to step back in time to 1970's Spencer County, Indiana, where thirteen-year-old Buddie is caught up in an adventure involving the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. In this remarkable debut novel, Ann Cavera skillfully weaves together themes of friendship, forgiveness, and courage in this readable, relatable and educational tale.

– Glenys Nellist, award-winning children's author of 30+ titles including the Love Letters from God series and I Wonder: Exploring God's Grand Story

Ann Cavera's beautiful novel reads like a relaxing canoe ride on a lake; easy, fun, exciting and inspirational. Her story is so very relatable to many ages lending itself to take you on a journey through love, family, friendship, forgiveness and human relationships! Mrs. Cavera's story lovingly conveys that music is a part of the human soul connecting lives and experiences together. Enjoy every word of Ride a Summer Wind!

– Traci Green of The Hollow Trees, Family-friendly music: Los Angeles, CA

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